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Welcome, I'm Siera Suazo

Trauma-Informed Social Media & Brand Communications Strategist, Founder of an Innovative LLC + Goldendoodle Mommy

Every Organization Needs Two Things: Money & Messaging

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& I Definitely Have What It Takes to Handle the Messaging

All organizations have stories to tell, causes to get people interested in supporting, products and services to get people buying, and the challenging job of making people want to spend their money on them. But it doesn’t stop there! You have a duty to ensure people (the stakeholders that interact with your brand) can comfortably engage with your messaging.

However, you don’t always have enough capacity to be intentional about crafty turns of phrase. Hence, when you have your already swamped administrative assistant designing marketing content in between taking phone calls, your messaging is bound to lose its intended effect. That means it won’t reach your intended audience as best as it can and that you may not be communicating from a trauma-conscious and culturally competent lens, which is critical in today’s complex world. I mean consumers have the power to get your brand canceled these days! But I can help with that.

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Partner, Let Me Upgrade Ya!

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I’m Your Organization’s Next Social Media Enhancer...

And Get This, I’m Not AI or

Some Costly Software

I’m a real person who was always good at storytelling and writing. Yes, growing up I was one of those kids writing fanfiction on Myspace. I used to put a lot of effort into my elementary school book reports. But now, I get to use those skills in the real world!

As a millennial who graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business and content strategy, my communications and digital marketing knowledge runs deep. However, I have taken my work to another depth by specializing in trauma-conscious and culturally competent communications. This simply means I craft content and strategies from a trauma-informed and inclusive perspective.

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What Separates Me From The Rest?

I specialize in helping social organizations that strive to make an impact on the community do communications correctly. This includes nonprofits, social enterprises, corporations that want to make a social impact, and solopreneurs like coaches. You don’t get a rushed job with me. I get to know each client (and their clients, which is important). Also, I offer realistic suggestions and achievable goals, and I help clients evolve so they can meet their objectives. My clients love working with me because I am reliable, responsive, resolute, and receptive to feedback. With me, you don’t only get deliverables, you get a long-term partner who cares about the path of your organization and wants to help you get to your destination. I live by the motto that when I help clients fulfill their mission-driven work, I am also making an impact.

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If You Like It, Then I Love it!

Here are the services I offer:

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Trauma-Conscious Content Creation for Social Media, Newsletters, and Websites

Brand Design

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Trauma-Conscious Social Media Strategy

Let me design content for your organization that will not only help you get people interested in your mission, but will help you appeal to just about anyone.

I have great taste (if you couldn’t tell by now!) Let me make your brand pretty, yet professional. I’ll give it the look you truly desire and make it attractive to your target audience.

Want to DIY your content? No problem. I can still provide a trauma-conscious social media strategy to help you speak to people of different backgrounds and lived experiences.

Something you’re interested in not here?

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Speaking Engagement

Topics I Love to Speak About:

🌺Trauma Awareness, Self-Care, & Resilience for


🌺Trauma-Conscious Facilitation for Presenters &


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Have Me Present a Seminar

Seminars I Present:

🌺Trauma-Conscious Marketing

🌺Trauma-Conscious Branding & Storytelling

🌺Branding for a Black Woman Audience

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